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Dog Food Recalls

Healthy Dog Food Recipes

In the last couple of years the pet food industry has been rocked by scandals.

Revelations of commercial dog food products containing everything from poisons to cancer-causing preservatives and even dead animals and dead pets!

Check out these articles from 2007:

USA Today Article: Pet Food Recall Affects 90 Brands

USA Today Article: China Denies Role in Pet Food Recall

MSNBC: Recall Expands to Include Pet Food in Canada

Where To Get More Information?

Here are some resources to help you to know which commercial pet foods should be avoided.

US Government Food & Drug Administration's Pet Food Recalls



One of the best things you can do for your dog is to feed it foods that are natural for dogs to eat. We've compiled a set of natural, healthy dog food recipes for you.

These are dishes that are easy to make and your dog will love them!
Bacon Dog Biscuits

Canine Quiche

Homemade Liver Treats

...and many more. Click here for details.

Unhealthy Foods For Dogs

As a dog owner you should be aware that there are many foods that we humans eat that are simply dangerous to dogs.

We've put together a list of human foods to avoid feeding your dogs.

Some of these you should avoid completely. Others may be okay if you only allow your dog to consume small quantities.

Click here for details.

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